What’s Your Escape?

Life is a journey, as they say, filled with surprises, challenges and adventures. In the middle of everything, things can get pretty stressful at times. As IB students, we can understand how challenging it truly is to maintain balance. From our responsibilities to our expectations, there is no end to the tasks we must complete. However, we all have something that can free us from our worries: our escape.

For some it may be reading yourself away to another world, and observing silently from above. For others it may be music, creating it and becoming a part of it. For me, it is art.

No matter how stressed out I am, drawing has always been able to calm me down. It actually gives me time to sit down and think about things. It frees me from my ignorance by helping me to put my thoughts into perspective.

I started drawing in the sixth grade after taking an art class. At first, no matter what I tried, I simply could not draw. All my circles ended up looking like ovals, my lines were always crooked, and my shading was atrocious. However, at the end of the day, I still looked forward to art class. Despite not being able to draw, there was something about having the freedom to create anything you wanted on a piece of paper that really enchanted me.This new found passion for drawing provided me with an outlet to free myself from my meaningless worries.


Everyone has something in their life that provides them an escape. Something that they are passionate about, something that they love doing. Some may create new worlds and write stories, and others may play a part in a whole new dimension by playing video games. It give us the freedom to be able to dream.

What’s your escape?

– Shirin Kundu

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