IB Cheating Scandal

            So it’s April 9th, 2014 and I could write about how I had a great sweet sixteen a couple weeks ago, or Asma’s wonderful party, or my guinea pigs but I decided to go for a more serious approach. As most of us know, IB is tough and you have to work very hard to get the grades you want and the grades you need. Most of us have friends we rely on for help with work, whether it’s a Chemistry lab for Mrs. Singh or a quick AP World assignment. But where’s the line between cheating and correctly helping each other?
           The “IB Scandal” that has gone on this week I feel took a turn for the worst on every single student in IB. I’m not even in Mrs. Gardner’s class, but from what I can see, it was a pretty horrible situation.  I talked to my sister, Anna, who graduated last year from IB and her wise words are “IB is tough, really tough, but you’ll realize in the end of senior year that a couple bad grades in sophomore year doesn’t really affect your chance of getting the diploma. You’ll realize that cheating is not the way to go in IB, just put in the effort and I promise you’ll get the grades you deserve. So why cheat?” Take the advice if you want, or not…
            I feel like it may seem like the end of the world when we walk into a test not knowing anything because we feel asleep the night before, but I always listen to what my mom has told me, “When you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself.” Cheating is just a way to try and get good grades without actually learning anything. You’re only cheating yourself in the sense that by taking the easy option and cheating yourself out of an education which, in the end, can only hurt you in the long run. So with that, HAPPY WEDNESDAY.

On a brighter note, here’s a picture of my guinea pigs. Puff and Lola. They’re cool lil guinea pigs. I GOT A CAR and I get my license in 7 days! Um, we only have 7/8 weeks of school left? (((((((((While you’re reading this, you should vote Priya Alexander for IB Junior class rep :-))))))))) Time Flies! Happy Wednesday everyone! (even though I’m posting on Thursday)



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