April 8, 2014.

Hey guys. 🙂

Right now I should be at pitt rehearsal for the Addams Family play ( tickets start selling on     April 23!!! ) but instead I’m at home eating pizza and writin’ a lil blog. I couldn’t go to rehearsal today because my mom’s in Arizona for work for a couple of days, which means I don’t have a ride home. I’m actually thankful that I don’t have to go today. It’s not that  don’t like being in pitt; I love it. It’s just taxing for me to hold my arm up for like 2 hours. I’m ALWAYS sore afterwards. The music is somewhat hard as well. 😦 Not to mention that the band room is always -3 degrees, and my fingers always go numb -______-. But I know that it will pay off in the end, when the play is over and everyone is applauding.

Today,  an intern from UCF followed me around for a couple of periods as part of a report that she has to do. I felt so special that she picked me of all people, lol. She had to observe how I interact with the teachers and vice versa, and how their teaching methods were able to help me. She said that my teachers all said I was a really good student. Yay. 🙂 She also told me that she absolutely loves college because of the cool professors she has and the restaurants on campus.

On Saturday I went to my friend Asma’s Sweet Sixteen and I had a blast!! The food was sooo good. I stuffed my face with marshmallows before they even brought the Chipotle out. Asma looked so beautiful as usual.

Khanh & I at Asma's party. :)
Khanh & I at Asma’s party. 🙂

Also a  couple of days ago my dad got this adorable puppy named Thea. She’s a border collie and terrier mix. All of my family lives in Chicago though, including my dad, so I won’t be able to cuddle Thea until I visit my family again, which sucks. I love cuddling baby animals. 😦

I am crying because of her cuteness.
I am crying because of her cuteness.

Sorry for switching topics so much, I just have a lot to say! lol. But thanks for reading. Btw I’m distantly related to Yo-Yo Ma maternally.





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