Recently, I’ve attained an interest in Gypsies. Their lifestyle. Their dress. Their culture. Coming from a sheltered perspective, it all seems mysterious and enchanting. In reality, I question, “How could people live that way? Running around, never stopping.” Here in the US, people have houses, and cars, and debt, and all types of things which bind us to one place. We can’t travel. We can’t move. It all costs too much money. But the Gypsies, they own none of that. They are a people who do not subscribe to modern obsessions. They travel to new places, never staying at one for too long. They meet brand new people, and encounter the cultures of new lands. Legend has it that Gypsies can tell the future from looking into crystal balls. These mystical rumors just add to my admiration for them. I believe that Gypsies are one of the most interesting group of people to learn about. They behold adventurous tales, and take part in some of histories most notorious events. I’ve put some photos of real Gypsies that I found on Pintrest down below. Make sure to check them out, and share some of my intrigue.








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