Spring Break is Over!

Hi guys! Today is the first monday back to school after long, awesome and boring spring break. So I finally decided what to blog about! 

My birthday was on Thursday and we went to Island of Adventures from school, it was an IB field trip. It was the best way to celebrate my birthday! I had fun with my friends and I got more close to them. I will remember this day because it was one of the most amazing day of my life. 

I had a long, tiring, fun, and awesome spring break. Spring break is so boring, when you don’t have family plans to go anywhere or visit someone. When you are the IB student who procrastinates and stays up nights to pull an “allnighter” to finish homework or to study for a test, will know what I am talking about. I slept so much over the spring break. Did any of you do that? Every single day I would wake up between 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon.

Ah! I was so bored on Tuesday that I picked up my phone and called Shikha, and I asked her if she wanted to come watch a movie with me. She was like sure. So we planned what time would be suitable for our moms to drop us at the Loop and pick us from there. It was the most awesome and the most fun part of the spring break. We watched Divergent. It was a good movie and we both enjoyed it.

So after I enjoyedI decided to do my homework on Thursday and my family made plans to go to Tijuana Flats for dinner. So I only did a bit on that day. On Friday, I ended up reading books. On Saturday, I finally finished all my homework because I wanted to spend Sunday doing nothing but watch movies.

TODAY IS MONDAY! Everyone in school is going to talk about how their break was. Some people are going to be tired and some are going to be excited to see their friends.

Thank you guys for making it special!  (Photo credits: Justin Chu)
Thank you guys for making it special!
(Photo credits: Justin Chu)

2 thoughts on “Spring Break is Over!

  1. Mera Bheta (I am pretty sure I spelled it wrong…its a joke by the way!) How waz your 16th BDAY Bestie? I hope you had fun (Thanks for ditching me and Ashy!) I missed you over break and I am sorry about today morning I was angry and moody and worried (Don’t worry… well not now)

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