Give Everyone (and me) A Chance, Please? :)

Today is March 29, 2014

Hello Readers/Bloggers

Its Saturday, (one more day till school, yay?, the break was extremely short and small and boring 😦 ) if you still didn’t realize that 😀 I didn’t realize it till now honestly, I checked the date and I was like, oh shizzles! today is my day to blog on 31 students and here I am.

Note: I might add random stuff in my post so please bear this! Thanks 🙂

I just don’t know what to write about today but I will tell you what happened. Ok, ready for a story (a banal one xD)?

Anyways, I was thinking about my whole life, like literally from the beginning and how people treated me and others, you know my memories weren’t as gold or sweet as our elders tell us. Out of nowhere I suddenly thought about people judging each other and I don’t hate people who judge, but I hate it when people don’t give you a chance to prove their real selfs.

I am a really shy person, I am extremely sensitive, extremely caring (Why do people get angry about that?),a worried wreck (most of the time, I worry for no reason… well about my family and my close friends),& smart. I hate it when people label me as a “popular” person or “outgoing”.

I hate it when none of you judgers give me or anyone a chance to show you our true side. I am tired or trying to act like I am ok when some junior glares at me or when one of you laugh at me for no apparent reason. I am tired of you guys looking at me like if I am some alien from planet whatever or laughing/talking behind my backs or acting all cool around me just so you could rub it in my face.(Which makes laugh because you try to rub it in my face and I am HAPPY 😀 with what I have…)

OMG, I didn’t get invited to a party! Big deal, either way invited or not I still can’t come to the party (not a party person…I have to stay with my family, they come first before anything…I might come if my close true friends invite me…so ya.) Talk bad stuff about me in my face, I would rather hear it from the person itself rather from my close friend(s)…it hurts you know…I cry sometimes but I try to stay strong…Anyways, I am sorry for ranting or boring you peeps/people to death with my sad(?) situation but just give me a chance to show the real me.

Whats your opinion about Judging? Leave your comments down below.

Thank you for spending you precious time on this banal post,

-HelperForverProudForHelping 😀

P.S. Give people around you a chance…you might like them. Also if anyone needs anyone for suggestions or advice or help, I am here for you! I will help literally ANYONE. I care about you! Keep smiling guys. Also, please don’t say my name, thank you for your time. Peace my friends 😀


4 thoughts on “Give Everyone (and me) A Chance, Please? :)

  1. I don’t like people who judge too quickly without trying to take time and figure the person out. But to be honest, I sometimes do judge others too quickly. But when I do, I try to stop and get to know the person before I judge them anymore.

    1. Thats not what I meant… its human nature to judge! I meant like I dislike it when they don’t give u a chance.

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