A penny for your thoughts

So blogging I think is actually a legit awkward thing to do, and for the past two days I’ve been wondering what in the world I would ever write about. Well this morning I saw a YouTube video from Anna Akana about how to be confident. How many times have we as people stopped doing something we’ve really wanted to do because we were afraid of what someone would say, or afraid of what people would think of us ? We, or at least I, all too often let other people control what I do just because I’m afraid of a snarky comment. So I have a goal for you guys(myself included) do something once a week your normally wouldn’t do. Whether it be something like wearing that shirt you really like, or maybe performing in front of others, even if it’s just asking for that ketchup packet instead of getting someone else to do it.
Anna Akana

On a slightly related note, this video also made me question what all we sacrifice for the sake of being accepted by people. And sometimes that can result in your happiness being sacrificed so you can maintain that friendship. The greatest advice I’ve ever heard is that you, yourself should come first before anybody else because if you don’t put yourself first who will? Another one is that once something is holding you back you have to let go and move on, and it’s hard of course it is, but your life is better lived being happy and weightless. So maybe the spring season will also introduce another period of your life where you can be a confident and weightless you. I’m excited for spring and summer and all the opportunities that will come with it. So if you’ve made it this far thank you for reading and please share your thoughts in the comments. Have a good spring, Maria🌺☀️


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