Good evening bloggers and readers. It is Tuesday March 18th, and that means spring break is two days away. Thursday is the last day of school before the break, and we have a field trip to Islands of Adventure that day which is amazing.  Image

I haven’t been to IOA since I was in 6th grade. I’m so excited about it honestly. I can’t wait for the bus ride because I get to sit with my friends and sing songs by my favorite artists such as Chief Keef and Lil B, and sing songs like music of the night(The Phantom of the Opera), and I Love You( Lil B).

Once we get IOA I’m going to go on the Incredible Hulk Ride, which is something I’ve always wanted to do but I’ve been too scared.Image

I’m so excited to spend the day with my close friends and bae (soon to be). Hope you all have a good day and a nice spring break, when you have it. Goodnight, until we meet again *tips imaginary hat*

19 thoughts on “ONE MORE DAY!

  1. Wow amazing piece of work, Tobi. I really felt your fear towards some of the rides, along with the excitement for this day. I can’t wait for it either. I hope I’m on your bus because man, you have such a great taste in music.

  2. Im excited too!! and don’t worry the hulk is not that scary. After you get on the hulk, you’ll be running to the back of the line again to get back on it.

  3. The soon to be bae got to me. And agreeing with mr.aguda your taste in music is fabulous, but I do wonder wether the bus driver will allow for such passionate lyrics.

  4. I am glad you are excited about your Field trip and Spring Break. You have worked hard and you deserve the break. We are very proud of you and I hope you have a fun but safe time at IOA. Looking forward to spending time together over Spring Break. Love you very much.

  5. Toby? Toby? Toby? Is that you Toby? My little, light skinned, freckle faced, red haired, ……..Toby? I don’t believe you just asked me if I spelled your name incorrectly, I GAVE YOU THAT NAME!!! Okay honey, I’m sorry it was auto corrected and I didn’t catch it. ❤️

  6. Love the conversation in comments. I agree with your, Mom. You’ve worked hard and I hope you enjoy the field trip and the break. Safe travels tomorrow. Enjoy!

  7. haha, I really enjoyed reading your post!
    I can’t believe the filed trip is tomorrow,
    we have to go on the hulk at least twice!(:

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