A Very Special Day for a Very Special Woman <3

Why hello there fellow bloggers πŸ˜€ I hope that all of you are having a magnificent day. If you are like me and forget certain things, then you may not know that today is March 17. For some of you, today is just another day. Some of you may just have gotten home from school, some of you may Β have just gotten off from work, and even some of you may just be jamming along with the Frozen album (and yes I do want to build a snowman). However for me, I just had the most amazing meal to celebrate an amazing woman’s birthday. This very day, was the day my mom was born. My mom, Melissa, just turned… some age between 0 to 100. I cannot even explain how much my mom means to me. Without her, I probably would have not survived this far. She is the person I always go to when I have problems, or even when I just need to shine some light during my day.

For her birthday, my family and I ate in Oishi Sushi & Hibachi found on International Drive.


(There’s a picture for all of you to see)

When we sat down and looked at the menu, all of us just looked clueless. There were so many items for us to choose from and some choices I’ve never even heard before. There was katsu, sushi, teriyaki, hibachi, and even donburi! (Don’t worry I have no idea what donburi is either. You’re not alone.) After an intense period of about 10 minutes, all of us managed to narrow our choices down to one entree. I myself ordered the chicken katsu, my dad, grandma, and aunt ordered the shrimp tempura, my brother (the risk taker) ordered the prawns with noodles, and last but not the least, the birthday girl ordered the seafood tempura.

When our food finally came out of the kitchen, all of our eyes popped open. All of our food looked so perfect that we almost did not want to eat it. However, we were starving so we all attacked like savage animals. (It wasn’t pretty) Here are some pictures for you guys to see right before we devoured them:


(miso soup)


(My wonderful Chicken Katsu)


(My dad’s shrimp tempura… Yeah my dad is pretty adorable)


(My brother with his soup)


(The birthday girl trying to get some food from my brother)

Once we were all finished with our food, we went home. When we got home, my romantic father had a little surprise for my mom.Image

She was tearing up with happiness while the rest of us basically started digging into the cake. (It was delicious by the way)

I think that my mom’s birthday was a success. Everyone had a good time and we were all happy with our meals. My mom especially enjoyed her birthday and I hope that she has many more birthdays to come. Mom, if you are reading this I LOVE YOU!!!! ❀ and Happy Birthday πŸ™‚

Well thank you for reading my Slice of Life and I look forward to reading some of your slices as well. See you real soon πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “A Very Special Day for a Very Special Woman <3

  1. Tell her I said Happy Birthday please!!! And I am glad that you, your mom, and the rest of your family enjoyed today celebrating your mother’s birthday!

  2. Happy belated birthday to your Mom! Looks like you had a lovely family celebration. That cake is gorgeous. I like how you used the parenthetical asides to add humor here–the Frozen line made me chuckle.

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