March 15

Greetings.  It is Saturday morning and Saturday mornings are my favorite mornings for many reasons.  I mean why would someone dislike a morning where you have the freedom of waking up whenever you please.  After a long week of school, work, and stress, nothing is more necessary than a nice long, deep sleep along with some pizza and ice cream.

It is finally Saturday morning and I’m peacefully dreaming about rainbows and unicorns not expecting for any interruptions to be made.  Well, I was obviously wrong when my door is barged open and I am welcomed by the screams of an angel.  “WAKE UP ZENA!”  my sister says while jumping on my bed trying to wake me.  Let me tell you, this was not my fantasy Saturday morning and I never planned to wake up at eight in the morning.

“What do you want from me?” I mumble half awake.

“Make me french toast,” she says rather demanding for a four year old.

“Your wish is my command,” i say while throwing my pillow at her and rolling out of bed.

I end up making french toast for the both of us and eating it up.  Although I didn’t get to completely sleep in today I always have Sunday morning to sleep in.

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