On Deck

Life happens. Technology glitches. People procrastinate. Problems arise. We missed a Slice of Life post.  It’s not the end of our writing together; it’s just a little glitch. So, we skipped a day. It’s okay, right?

We will be blogging through spring break –Just a week away! Hooray!  Here are our upcoming slicersbloggers

14 Cristina

15  Zena

16 Adrielys

17 Anna

18 Tobi

19 Josh

20 Mariana

21 Sasha

22 Mariangel

23 Ashley

24 Trevor

25 Anthony

26 Elizabeth H.

27 Samantha

28 Lizzie

29 Aparna

30 Lynn

31 Nidhi

Unsure how to post? Check out WordPress support pages, phone a friend (or me)  or search YouTube for a how-to video.  Tackle the issue like you would work to figure something out in a video game. Answers are out there. You need only discover them.

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