March 9, 2014

Over winter break, my lovely uncle came to visit my family. Since it was Christmas, he told my sisters and I that we could pick one thing each (anything we wanted) and he would buy it for us as our presents. I mean, if someone tells you they’ll buy you anything you want, you’re going to think big right? The first thing that popped into my mind was a puppy. However, I knew my parents would freak out and probably disown me if I brought home a dog. I still wanted a pet of some sort though. So, my uncle took my sisters and I to Petco and we ended up getting a guinea pig, whom I named Smoky. We brought him home, and yes my parents went berserk, but they got used to the idea.

When we got Smoky he was just about two months old and the size of my hand. He was such a cute little baby. But now, he eats so much and has grown so big. I just like to chill with my guinea pig whenever I’m bored. Even though Smoky doesn’t do much, he still manages to entertain me. He just sits on me and makes these cute little squeaking noises as if he’s talking to me. I honestly get excited to come home and play with him.

I never thought I would have a guinea pig as a pet. I mean, the only pets my family has ever had were fish. My mom always claims she’s “allergic” to anything with fur, and my dad basically has OCD. But I’m so glad my uncle bought me a guinea pig and now the whole family, including my strict parents, love Smoky and treat him like a true member of our family.

3 thoughts on “March 9, 2014

  1. I need to meet Smoky & she needs to come over and have a play date with Puff and Lola! (My guinea pigs:-))

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