A Saturday Spent in School

slice of life

Hey everyone! It’s Saturday! Saturday’s are actually my favorite day of the entire week. I love to kick back and relax throughout the day or spend time with family or friends without having to worry about school. Basically cherishing life to the fullest. However, today wasn’t those types of mornings that I looked forward to. I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm that I wanted to strangle and throw away but it did the trick to get me out of bed. I had to get ready and go to school, that’s right you heard me. A Saturday morning in school just to take an AP practice test. Oh boy, I really didn’t want to but I thought it would benefit me.

So I got to school on time and entered the library. It was actually quiet for the first time which I didn’t mind and almost deserted. At the time there were only a few kids and as time passed kids started to roll in. We all made our way to a room in the back of the library which I had never entered before. This kind of felt like I was entering the wardrobe in the Chronicles  of Narnia but instead of finding another land full of adventure I found a room with tables and chairs.

Once I signed in on a sheet of paper I sat down at a table with a few other classmates. We all wanted to take this test and run home! After the teacher distributed the tests and scantrons I got to work. Towards the end of testing, kids in the room started to snicker and laugh. Soon the entire room was full of it, every table had something to laugh at. Finally, testing was over and we all finished our last giggles out of our systems. Thinking back, I don’t even know what we all we laughing about.

Anyways, it turns out that today didn’t stink too badly. In a matter of fact, this Saturday was actually beneficial and I enjoyed my time being stuck at school. Well, there’s my slice of life for the day!



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