3/7/14 Bear Rock Live

It’s Friday !!! The best day of the week is finally here. With the end of a long school week and the beginning of your weekend, however this Friday was evermore special than others because at Cypress Creek High School there was an even called Bear Rock Live. Bear Rock Live is a talent show that has everything to do with music, music, and music. A time for students to shine in the stage light to show the school their talents. Myself and many other students that also attend Cypress Creek were able to witness some crazy sick performances, some which just blew me away. Being able to hang out with you friends while listening and seeing your other friends is like an experience like no other. Bear Rock Live was extremely fun and cant wait to go back next year. This was a little slice of my life and hope you enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “3/7/14 Bear Rock Live

  1. I went to Bear Rock Live too! I had to move to the back because it was a little loud for me up front. What did you think about the organization? I wondered why some bands or acts got to have a lot of time on stage (15 minutes) and some had less (5 minutes). Which band did you like the best?

    1. I really enjoyed Widlin and Janel’s performance the most because it had everything you would want in duet. They included a variety of genres in their performance and they really pumped up the crowd.

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