The Sunshine in my life

Hello fellow readers!  today is March 6th, Thursday. I am very glad today is Thursday because tomorrow is Friday! Friday means I can have an evening to myself doing all the useless things instead of homework which  I accidentally  do on the weekdays during homework. Friday means I can actually hang out with friends and be a normal person instead of an typical “IB student”. Today was just another typical weekday until I got home tired and exhausted.

Keeping in mind all the Sh**loads of homework I have to get done, I came home and just sat in my dark room. I had no energy and no interest to get myself to do homework again. Then, there she came running, yelling and  like a wreaking ball in my room. My dark room all of a sudden filled with light with my little sisters laughter and yelling. She started saying a bunch of gibberish all at once like a basic 3 year old says, which I had no clue of, neither did I know how to respond to but laugh. I felt like she told me her entire 3 year life story all at once and oh! how she sighed after she actually shut up! The MOST Cutest thing ever! Then she started saying her ABC’s which I taught her the other day like a good sister. It really feels great seeing your little accomplishments though not having straight A’s but teaching your sister ABC’s.

Spending time with my little sister Rysha and listening to her language really boosts up my mood. She literally is the sunshine in my life.  And there, there is a tiny slice of my life which I cherish and adore. Thank you so much for Reading 🙂 loads of love ❤ rysha  photo (1)

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