March 5, 2014: Evacuation Fart

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Evacuation Fart

My first story that I would like to share is one that has brought many laughs and has left quite a stench along the way.

It was fourth grade. I was nine. I was in a classroom that was filled with only twelve kids. I sat there in the closed classroom, like every other day, trying to do my work. It was quiet. Everyone was quiet. Everyone was doing what they were supposed to do. Then, it happened. One by one the wave came over my classmates. I sat on the far end of the classroom. I had no idea what everyone was oohing about, but one by one I could hear my classmates yell “Ooh, ew, ah”  and “What on earth is that smell?” Then, it hit me. It was repugnant. Absolutely terrible. The smell was like something I had never smelled before. I looked up and every one of my friends were pinching their noses trying to cover the smell. Usually when something like this happens, the teacher tries to pretend nothing is wrong in order to calm the kids. Not my teacher. She was pinching her nose too! The smell got worse. It was time to evacuate the classroom.

When my teacher finally said the words ”Let’s leave the classroom,” there was no stopping us. We did not protest. All of us gladly jumped up and ran out of the classroom, nearly pushing each other down on the way out. It was that bad.

After a few minutes of breathing fresh air in the hall, my friend walks over to me.

She says, “Savannah, I have to tell you something.”

“What could she possibly want to tell me at this time?” I thought.

She gets really close to me and whispers the words I will never forget, “I farted.”

I looked at her and I burst out in laughter. All I could do was laugh. How many times in a lifetime do you have to evacuate a classroom because of a fart? It is the most ridiculous thing that could ever happen, but it happened to me and it will leave me with a memory I will never forget.

By: Savannah Niolon whitegirltryingtowrite ‘s blog

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