March 4th 2014

I always hear people saying how much they hate Mondays, but I think Tuesdays are just as bad because you’re still in shock from not being able to sleep in till twelve in the afternoon, or at least that’s what I do on the weekends. Although today was a pretty good day I would say, but any day is a good day when there’s sugar involved!

Today started out like any other day , too early in the morning , but it took an interesting turn for the better.  Although my definition of a good day involves candy and all things sweet ; I may have an addiction to sugar, but to me that’s not a problem!

Today in fifth period it started out just like every other day, with Mrs.Spillane telling us to get our reading books out, which I gladly did because my current book is almost near the end and I’m dying to know what happens, but then i see Mrs.Spillane counting the M&M bags that Dayessi was selling. At first we were all really confused, we didn’t think that  Mrs.Spillane would buy the whole box, but to our surprise, she did! Not only did she surprise us with buying the whole box but then she gave the whole class one M&M bag. It’s really surprising how one small and simple thing can make your whole day! CAM01404

7 thoughts on “March 4th 2014

  1. Chocolate for everyone! Glad you enjoyed it. I want to hear what you think of Allegiant when you finish it. I wrote about you in my slice today too : )

  2. OMG! Thank you! I’ve always said that Tuesdays are just as bad as Mondays! In fact, Mondays are usually easier because it is an adrenaline situation in the morning. Tuesdays I’m all like “how many times can I reset my alarm?”

    Thanks for the slice!

    -Ms. Beavers

  3. Sugar is a sure way to make students smile. I think you just inspired me to make the day of MY students tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. That Ms. Spillane is a good egg! And I completely agree with you about Tuesdays and sugar. You made excellent points about both! I keep a lunch box full of chocolate on my desk. Not only does it make me smile everyday, but other people stop by to visit me and catch their own smile.

  5. My Tuesday this week was wonderful because I facilitated a technology workshop with 60 excited teachers and shared THIS SLICE! 🙂 Keep up the slicing kids!

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