March 1, 2014 : Life

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Hey reader, today is the first of March of 2014 and what a year it has been so far. This school year I’ve met new friends and lost some, had new crushes and have also moved on, but it has mostly been about “that IB life.”  Why does it have to be so hard, like I have much respect to all my teachers and to the program, but please understand that we’re just 15-16 year olds lost in the journey of life. High school is a jungle and it truly is the survival of the fittest. Fitting in is one of the most important aspect of that, but what I have come to realize is that the people that surround us also define us. So far I am doing okay, but lately I’ve had much inspiration from the right people and have been motivated to do even better.

Anyways today was the YELL Conference. It was the first day of March, on a Saturday, with my friends and at a conference where different speakers have come to share their life stories. Each one was different, with certain sets of professions and experiences, but all there to do the thing they do best be leaders. They were all successful in life and in their dreams. One was an astronaut, Story Musgrave, who had the most inspiring story, from working on a farm in dirt to millions of miles into space, being able to truly measure his success by the miles he has traveled. Not only was he an astraunot, but he changed his profession so many times, working in the military, being a surgeon, acquiring his mathematic degrees, and having a beautiful family and life overall. Another speaker that really got to me was a head of a multi-million dollar company called Eco Tupperwear. His name was Stern Ove. He was an excellent speaker because he was charismatic and inspiring. His life stories and how he views life everyday really motivates me to be a leader, which was the purpose of YELL. It was a great experience that really helped me focus on where I’m going, what I want be, and how I’m going to do it. Sitting in the audience and really listening to all the great leaders and friends really shed light on why I am where I am today; being an IB student, lazy, awkward, and uninteresting.

Furthermore, I wanted to share my views on life, because hearing the inspiring words today really opened me up.  First of all, high school. High school is sort of the launching pad of life, where everyone steps up to discover who they really are. I mean we all know who we are, but when we are asked to define ourselves, we get tongue tied and I think that’s okay. We’re all basically kids right now thinking everything is stupid and looking for that thrill and rush. I’ve heard so many different views on what high school should be and how we’re supposed to go about it. To me it is a balance, of being serious on your studies, but also finding time to really express yourself and find out what you love to do. What is life without fun? Boring! What is fun without seriousness? Pointless! The two are supposed to coincide with each other, I mean in life we strive for greatness but in doing so have fun along the way. Today Stern Ove talked about having that one goal but it isn’t always a straight line towards it, you will get lost on the way and it’s all cool. I am on my way becoming what I will find out later because I do not exactly know it yet.

And that right there is a slice of my life. Thank you for reading and stay amazing. Much love to you.

7 thoughts on “March 1, 2014 : Life

  1. Sounds like a fantastic conference day! I love the “launching pad” line and how you write your way through what high school is: a time to discover, a time to learn, a time to have fun, a time to build identity, and a time to be just 15 and 16. Thanks for kicking off our Slice of Life month, Ivan. You obviously did NOT forget to be awesome!

  2. I’m a teacher in Colorado & know your teacher from blogging. You’ve started your class slicing in a beautiful and inspiration way, and yet still managed to share that balance is important, also important to have fun. You know, I still think that too, and I’m way past high school! Best wishes in the balance for sure!

  3. This was really nice. I loved your analogy about High school being a jungle because it is honestly very accurate. You’re right, we’re just a bunch of normal teens trying to survive the IB life. I think we all can get through it. Just hold on to the vines of the jungle of High School

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