Slice of Life Starts Tomorrow

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What is a Slice of Life? Image from Two Writing Teachers

We are coming together as a writing community to share and to celebrate. Thirty-one students have volunteered to post slice of life stories during the month of March for the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by the team at Two Writing Teachers. Here’s the first half our posting line up:

  1. Ivan
  2. Faiza
  3. Kathleen
  4. Marieangel
  5. Savannah
  6. Sanjana
  7. Yoonhyuk
  8. Serin
  9. Bianca
  10. Scarlet
  11. Valeria
  12. Analiese
  13. Karla
  14. Cristina
  15. Zena

I am so excited for each of you. You are beginning a fantastic writing adventure. You are sure to meet and make new friends and to hone your writing skills in the process.

To meet the challenge we need to:

  • Blog each day.
  • Capture our stories in slice form: a “slice of life” is simply that, an anecdote, a story from your daily life–it could be written in the form of a poem, a conversation, a description, a narrative. Your purpose is to tell your story.
  • Include the Slice of Life  logo from Two Writing Teachers in your post (save the image below).
  • Comment on 2-3 students’ slices each day. We are partnering with

Need the logo? Right click  it to save.


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